About Us: We would like to welcome our newest Recording Artist and Songwriter Princess Kiya she is the female youngest in our family Dynasty! 


     Rosetta Walker's mission in life is simple and it is true, to unite the world in spirit of love,simply LOVE SOMEBODY. No matter the color of their skin.  No matter who they are or where they have been. No matter whom they chose to be with. No matter how less they have. Or how much a person has. No matter your beliefs. I LOVE YOU, plain and clear.  I want to make the whole world a better place, before I die and leave this earth.  I hope to leave behind my works, poems, music of different genres, plays, books, and two movies. THE CRY OF VIOLENCE  and I WANT YOUR SOUL. I hope to inspire the world through these works that they will forever touch, motivate, make one think, change their mind set, bring love and Inspiration is to all of mankind for the good.



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       Walker Records Production and R D Walker Publishing BMI was opened in 1996
by Rosetta Walker. We create songs to build people up and encourage them in day to day life.  Through our inspirational messages in our music. 
These are our first two projects. 
The Junior Edition did their 1st recording at age 6 Jerome,  James age 8 and Jar'ine age 9. "We're Crying Out For The Children"  And recored a demo 1 year before that! Making them one of  Youngest Professional Gospel Groups in the World! They are pioneers of their time.
You can down load these original songs of the Junior Edition on iTunes at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/junior-edition/id262528802  
 "God's Unconditional Love"
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 ** Rosetta Walker born in Virginia. She held the first STOP THE VIOLENCE MARCH at the Boys & Girls Club Of America, 629 Hampton Ave. On June 2, 2001 in the city of Newport News, Virginia. Bringing together Churches, Leaders, Children,and People in the Community. It was noted and supported by City Officals.On that day she was given an award for her work in the community. On May 12, 1995 ROSETTA WALKER appeared as a Guest Columnist Religious Leader in the Daily Press(Newspaper)Guest Column: Heed Cry Of Violence: Put The Weapons Down!Evangelist,Child Activist,Human Rights Activist. She is the QUEEN OF INSPIRATION♥ bringing a message of Encouragement,Love,Hope and Peace to the world through her music, poems,writings, and speech addressing the issues at hand. Spreading LOVE to ALL!  people. http://articles.dailypress.com/1995-05-12/features/9505120192_1_cry-violence-jail-time   She is also the founder of Saints United In God. Her life is driven by purpose to change one life at a time. To help make this world better for you, me and our children. Her quotes are "Embrace Your Good Days" and "To God Be All The Glory" She now resides in California as of July 2,2009.

http://articles.dailypress.com/2001-05-31/news/0105300298_1_hampton-university-meet-kings-highway/3   Daily Press Newspaper

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Bringing L-O-V-E  an Peace to the world through MUSIC
 ROSETTA WALKER      Bringing some LOVE to the world!!!